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Zlatan...Come On

Zlatan...Come On


Zlatan…Come on Man


One of the most disappointing things that can happen is when someone you admire does something that is…unlike who you thought they were. Zlatan is my boy…hands down. Not just for his humor…but his story is incredible. So when he stood and said “Politics shouldn’t be in Football”…it was like What the Fuck? Bro you come off as indestructible. Like if someone told me Zlatan was Batman at night I would literally believe it. You spoke on racism before bro…you said they discriminate against YOUR NAME in Sweden…How can you deny people’s right to bring awareness to other people being oppressed.


Shit kinda blew me not gonna lie. But I won’t cancel you for this. You my dawg at the end of the day. But I hope wherever you are… Zlatan has spoken to Zlatan about how un-Zlatan that moment Zlatan…can be Zlatan & stand with us.



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