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I think sometimes you look at someones art…and you just know that they are going to get it…you can spit ball anything and let them go…This is usually what I see in Binta Turay’s collages. With that being said…I’m pretty sure she wanted to strangle me over this art work. My direction was vague…”I just want it to look futuristic. All the elements of it being futuristic….I think I am going to make it a fur jacket…or a t-shirt…IDK.” Trust me…absolute confusion on my end. 


How do I make sense of this? I couldn’t figure it out. It took a year…for this to come to life. But that was the problem…I was trying to make sense of her viewpoint based on my direction & thats just not how art should be digested. It is…exactly what it is… TO ME…its like stepping into a click of a mouse. To you it could be some weird shit on a jersey. Regardless.. Binta FORCES you to look at this and digest it. She FORCES you to give an opinion on it. It truly is one of the best pieces in our coveted catalog because of that.


Thank you Binta.


100% Jersey Mesh.

Cold Wash


Please Allow 2-3 weeks to ship.

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