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The World is Yours (Track Jacket)

The World is Yours (Track Jacket)


"This design was really brought to life by scanning through archives of Reebok, Adidas & Nike tracksuits. 


I knew a couple things…


a) I want to make a tracksuit… 

b) I want to make something that looks DISTINCTIVELY different than others 

c) It has have all the elements of Swavor.


Athletic wear is always something that is close to my heart. If you are showing up to a track meet…I want you to look like a contender. If you are on the corner chilling with your homies…I want you to stand out. I think the gradient and the inner lining do that. Hopefully everyone agrees. 


The World is Yours.


100% Polyester Shell

Cold Wash


Shek Tarawallie

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