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The Myth of Thomas Sankara

The Myth of Thomas Sankara


Words from our Creative Director:



"How I found out about Thomas Sankara is kind of ironic. I was watching a documentary about some ancient conquests. And was floored by the way they spoke about Africa. It was was legendary ya know? I'm like damn you mean to tell me EVERY African leader just let this shit happen? EVERY African leader just let the West rob them? My interest was sparked. I went digging and hunting for examples of a hero...someone that stood up to them. What I found... was the myth of Thomas Sankara.


He took over the country 1983 and renamed the country "Burkina Faso". His goal was to eliminate French influence in the country. Immediately, he sold the governments fleet of Mercedes Benz's. No more first class tickets for government officials. He lowered his own salary to $450 a month and when he died only had a car, four bikes, three guitars, a fridge and a broken freezer. He stopped using foregin aid. Which on the surface sounds crazy, but that explains the quote on the inner lining of the jacket. He believed if you rely on foreign aid for your country to eat, they will always control your people. He vaccinated 2.5 million kids against meningitis, yellow fever, and measles in a matter of weeks. He planted 10 million trees to halt desertification. He outlawed female genital mutilation, polygamy, and forced marriages. In fact, he had an all woman personal guard. 


Unfortunately, after only four years....he was killed. His legacy reigns supreme all over Africa but in the United States, there are only whispers of him. These are the types of hero's I believe Black Culture should be uplifiting. We are never taught about them....but I guess that is our job.


Long Live Thomas Sankara. The legend, the myth...the one who stood up for his people and died in the process. "


Creative Director

Sheku Tarawallie


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