The Man That Remembered

The Man That Remembered


'The Man That Remembered'


"The man that remembered. I think in life people do things to you good and bad. Most of the pettier things are easy to forget. You can have a cold war "beef" with someone for something so small and it can drag out for years. On the contrary, someone can do something extremely small like repost your flyer or give you a pat on the back and you will never forget that moment. I walk the line of both. I am not more talented, more endowed, or more known than a lot of people. I simply remember. I remember living in an apartment in Langley Park. I remember moving around a lot as a kid. From PG to Moco to PG to Moco to PG to London. I remember living in another country pretty much alone...with relatives I barely knew...that took me in as their own. I remember a neighborhood in a South London slum taking me in as one of their own and making sure nothing happened to me. I remember teachers at Southfields Academy never giving up on me...even when I gave them every reason to do so. I remember starting a clothing brand in 2010 with $191.78 & nobody giving us a shot as surviving a month let alone a decade. I remember taking a train for 4 hours everyday to get to class then to work then back home again. And doing so for 3 years until I got my degree in Psychology. So yea...there is some wear and tear as you can see in the art work. 


The good, the bad, trust me I remember. For the good I am forever grateful. You are immersed in my heart forever even if we don't speak as often because of how far life has taken us. I know, sometimes I only reach out around release time asking for promo. But I promise, your belief in me will never go in vain. Like I said....I remember.  As for the bad...I remember that too...& trust me, as the story unfolds...I hope you live a long life to watch it. I want your kids & grand kids to hassle you for Swavor on Christmas. Thats my victory." 


The Man That Remembered,

A journal entry by

Creative Director

Shek Tarawallie



Reflective / Silk Screen Print

10 oz 330 gm Cotton - Poly Sweater

70% Cotton / 30% Polyester



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