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The Championships III

The Championships III


The Championships


During COVID…we really couldn’t do anything. It was so heartbreaking. It’s like you want to play basketball…but you are afraid to play basketball because you could catch an ill-fated virus at any moment in time. So my life really consisted of running…everyday…until my brother CJ introduced me to Tennis. Alas, a game you can play that gives you the distance well beyond 6th feet. The problem was however, I was trash. TRASH….at first. Slowly but surely…my obsessive behavior got the best of me…and before you know it..I was pretty good. I knew I needed to do something to memorialize

The sport that got me through 2020. 


KC & I have a chemistry artistically that stems from our organic friendship. Both Towson Alums…we found each other at defining points of our lives….in Biology class…chasing and documenting Squirrels. Neither of us knowing the other was an artist…just going through the motions. He was on his way to becoming an intern at Cartoon Network…I was still a designer trying to find my way. We kept in contact and have been friends ever since. KC is an eclectic illustrator. His range…and the relative ease that he can pen things with is unlike anything I have encountered in my collaborations with people. The hardest part about this piece was just deciding what to do. Everything else was KC taking to another level. “Add this”… *Done… “Can you draw CJ in the painting?” *Done… “Add my homie Herb…” *Done … “Add yourself” *Done… it was automatic. One of our many collaborations in the future. I am sure of it.


Thank you for this KC.


Sheker Federer….Shekael Nadal…Pete Shekpras…


100% Organic Cotton



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