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Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom Isn't Free


From the script 'Santa Mauri' written by Shek Tarawallie:



Guard #1: 24 times a score...24 times a score...What will you do to prove your worth....

A royal turned to a whore

Guard #2 walks up to Isabella's door. Leans over with a concerned look.

Guard #2: You have been locked away for a year. You have not said a word. It could be so easy why do you choose to suffer?

Guard #1: She's got a harder pair than you...


Isabella rises...walks towards the door but her chains prevent free movement. 

Isabella spits in their direction. 


Guard #2: People are dying to search for can end it all and be free.

With a glaring look...She smiles....

Isabella: ..... Freedom has never been free. 


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