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SkyGlider I

SkyGlider I



"Due to my 9-5, I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the air traveling from state to state. As I peak out the window, I realize a lot. For one thing…you notice how small you are as a human being. From high enough up…college campus’, office buildings, shopping malls look like random grid patterns. Vehicles of all size, look like ants….the humans inside of them aren’t even visible. It is a reminder of how delicate your life is and how small you are no matter how many likes, followers, clout etc you have. 


Second, the views have humbled me as a designer. No matter what you believe…GOD.. Science…the Universe…you would have to be an idiot to ignore how perfectly tailored Earth is. Every mountain…every cloud.. every forrest is more breath taking than the next. I guess I kind of always knew that…but clouds…clouds are the worlds most underrated element of nature to me. They are beautiful. They move in sequence…none of them are the same...but most importantly…no matter how cloudy it gets…the sun if always shining above them. I think that is an amazing metaphor for life. 


So I took an image from the sky and monogrammed it for you. Using the tapestry fabric…it can pass as a denim. I hope it serves as a reminder of how blessed we are to be apart of Earth and to remember the sun is always shining above the grayest of clouds."


Shek Tarawallie 


Slighty Over Sized Fit

100% Hand Crafted.

Tapestry Fabric




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