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Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept




“Santa Mauri in general has been an amazing proof of concept idea. To be honest, most people don’t even know what it stands for or what it means. 
For the people that do, it always seems to be an inside thing. For the people that don’t, they just like the garment. They simply just like the way it looks. In the Swavorverse, Mauri is a character that is placed at a time in Europe when the Moors were losing control of Europe to the Roman Catholics. She is half Catholic….half Moor. The ‘Mauri’ people were a tribe that eventually evolved into what we know as “The Moors”. If you want to go digging about the Black people that cultivated everything you love about Europe….go right ahead. My job is only to spark interest. Within that world…there were artists. The most famous being Ziryab…Mauri’s love interest… This collection is a nod to the artist who attempted to make things as beautiful as they could…even if their reign was coming to an end. But with all they influenced…it doesn’t appear that the Moors ever really came to an end. We just need to know what they did…and how it has influenced our lives today.”


- Shek Tarawallie

Creative Director

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