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"This design took on four different versions. In fact, it was supposed to be a polo shirt. However, the opportunity to create a fur popped up and of course….I had no design. Usually, when that happens I start rendering my brain for every idea I can squeeze out. On the day before I had to turn the design in, I was in my terminal waiting for my flight home & saw a woman that was wearing polka dots from head to toe. It was one of those outfits you see on the runway but never expect to see it in real life. It was fly…but it was very obvious that her taste palette was way higher than the usual in Southwest Florida. I started seeing people sneaking pictures of her…some women walked past complimenting her purse…and all the while this middle-aged woman who had barely said a word…had captivated an entire audience…in polka dots lol.  


“I have a design….in polka dots…hmm…” Maybe this is a sign? Lol. The entire flight home I was trying to figure out how to transform a polo shirt into a faux fur coat. The inner lining is quilted.   


“Paparazzi”, dedicated to that random woman in that terminal…that revived a design that I had forgotten.


100 Vegan Fur

Quilted Inner Lining




Please allow 10-14 Business days to ship 



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