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Mondarin II

Mondarin II


'Mondarin II'


Shek: "So we got this one piece we did in 2014. I wanna remake it but I need your spin on it.

Tim: "Thats a bet."


I remember watching the YSL documentary years ago and seeing the impact of the Mondarin dress on popular culture. I was like damn, he took a painting and just finessed the whole world. It was genius though. So I created one in 2014 and we put it down the runway in Paris. It has been a favorite for our supporters for as long as I can remember. So with this being our relaunch and rebrand, it only makes sense that Tim & I do it over again. The concept is to do a reverse version of what YSL did. So it isn't a dress, its a shirt. It isn't white, its black. It isn't perfectly within the lines. Just the way we like it.


Creative Director - Shek Tarawallie 


75% Polyester 25% Cotton

Dry Clean Only

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