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Shek : "Tim, I got an idea. I want to make a shirt with all lightening & when they see it, I want them to hear lightening."


Tim: "Oh thats a bet."


One of the greatest joys was working with Tim Smith on this collection. Not only is he an extreme talent, but a grounded and humble talent. The 5 pieces we collaborated on this Fall are some of my favorites ever. I sent him a weird ass sketch of lightening bolts on a shirt. Its very difficult to find chemistry with a graphic designer but all I had to do was speak the words and he knew what I wanted to see. He even added in his own color way and gradient. We have so much more to conquer. There are so many more drops. So grateful for you my brother. 


Creative Director - Shek Tarawallie


100% Poly Dri - Fit


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