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'Leone Stars' Letterman Jacket

'Leone Stars' Letterman Jacket

"I think as an artist you are constantly searching for moments of fulfillment. Specifically, as a fashion have to know that your garments will have a shelf life before it disappears. So it is always a special moment when you can collaborate with someone to not just make a product that is fashionable, but a product that stands for something and means something to people. I can riddle you with all the details of its structure; The custom, hand sewn stitching....the upgraded ribbed collar...the genuine leather pin stripes...the immaculate embroidery all the way around. But somehow this wouldn't do it enough justice. What this jacket symbolizes is the collison of two artists with similar mindsets. A love for consumer satisfaction....A love for victory....A love for giving people moments. It is there Rod & I embarked on this journey in an attempt to not only captivate your attention for the immediate time but to set a blueprint for the rest of both of our journeys. This jacket is not just a jacket: This jacket is a time stamp. We present it to you as the genesis of Rod & I's collaborations. We present it to you as proud Sierra Leoneans and we hope that wherever you are from on this take a little piece of our pride with you."
Creative Director
Shek Tarawallie
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