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Dedicated to English teacher Ms. LeGrande.


"I remember how hard she was on me when I first got there. I was always up to mischief but it's always important to hear for the first time that you have potential. Ms. LeGrande would sit me down and 'Sheku, I don't care how charming you are! At some point, you will have to do the work! Stop selling yourself short.' Priceless advice from my favorite blonde of all time! <3 always, Ya favourite American. "


Creative Director

Shek Tarawallie



  • Premium Heavyweight 13.5oz./450gm 3-end fleecing spun cotton
  • Double ribbing side panels for stretch reverse cover stitch sewing
  • 520gm 100% cotton 1x1 ribbing at cuff and waistband
  • Embroidery Finish

Designed by Shek Tarawallie


Washing instructions:

Cold Wash

Low Heat Dry


Shipping Details:

Please allow 7-10 business days to ship

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