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Jacket of Tears

Jacket of Tears


'Jacket of Tears'


Personal struggles are going to happen in life. It seems like my greatest moments happen right after I have my most traumatic ones. Nonetheless, I was watching Spongebob one day and he had the whole Sweater of Tears thing. Started to reflected on my life and the ones of others. My parents are from Sierra Leone & I have watched, heard and listened to a country go through trial and tribulation time and time again. A mudslide happened and killed hundreds of people. Watching the news and seeing the people cry was like the worst pain I have ever felt. It wasn't even that they were crying, it was the way they were crying. The desperation. Still a war torn country. Still people with one arm from a violent civil war. I knew then in that moment my life wasn't that bad. History shows us time and time again that no matter what side of the politics you are on, real people...innocent people always suffer the most. The men in the boardrooms are never on the front lines. They never cry the tears man & its fucked up. 


Creative Director - Shek Tarawallie

PVC fabric 


Do not wash in machine.

Do not put in dryer.

Do not leave in extreme heat.

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