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His Story

His Story


Excerpt from our Creative Director


"In a world where things are fleeting...moments, memories, I think we as people are often in a struggle with who we want to be. Myself included. In regards to love, these dueling artworks depict two people on opposite sides of a vacation. The man is driving his dream car along the Amalfi Coast...but has no passenger to ride around with. The woman is in Santorini and looks absolutely gorgeous....only she looks off into the sea and wonders how much sweeter it would be if he was with her. Both...will turn to social media to flex on the other...both will get instant gratification...and when that high is over...the emptiness will remain. Suddenly life becomes about the chasing of those moments...a chasing of this high... & all to make the person that hurt you, 'regret' it. (lol...don't lie)


My goal for these pieces was to visually humanism these emotions. I hope they see you flexing on vacation....not because you are doing it for the Gram....but because you actually found the peace you deserve. 


Please enjoy."


Shek Tarawallie

Creative Director


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