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HFE: From Russia with Love

HFE: From Russia with Love


“I remember walking into an airport one time wearing a shirt that said “RUN” in Russian. Literally nobody new what it meant…but because it was Russian…it terrified people. Anyway…Cyborgs. The big dawg Elon has already spoken on how humans are technically already cyborgs. Our phones are extensions of ourself. Fast forward to how lazy we are…one day…we will HATTTTE the prospect of typing in our phones. We will need…a chip in our brain to just do it the way we want. Bones? Why do we need bones? We will just invent a way to make our bones like…non magnetic metal or something…Driving…Well I do love Teslas…but with 5G becoming a normal thing…autonomous vehicles will literally be the norm. So the further we get from doing what we do as humans on the daily…the more robotic we will become. Russia leading the charge! Putin is a scary dude so I’ll leave it there.”


Again… these tees are made in the United States…I don’t know if you know that but thats a big deal….especially because its America. From Russia with Love is also a James Bond Movie…Look two doors down.


Shek Tarawallie

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