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HFE: Findings in Libya

HFE: Findings in Libya


“This is where it gets a little creepy. So of course I always want to create easy-to-wear clothing for the masses. However, if I don’t provoke thought…I believe I am somehow doing you all a disservice. Imagine the stages of something going extinct. Just imagine what that would entail…The world as we know it is being driven by algorithms. So many that we don’t even know what is real or what is fake. You can’t honestly tell me that everything in our lives at this point is not influenced by the devices we live through. Your Twitter timeline will make you happy today…said tomorrow…inspired the next day…and then tearing down the things that inspired you. Without human interaction…with personal experience to debunk the theories we are being fed…it isn’t THAT hard to drive human society off of a cliff. On top of that…there are legitimate UFO sightings on planet Earth that NOBODY seems to be speaking about. We are becoming robots of habit. Personally, I don’t think there is much wrong with that as long as it is for good. But when robots are controlling and dictating human emotion….and the humans are not conscious of it….at what point are we really ourselves? Or is this loneliness I am feeling linked to this sale this company is having…because I just saw the Instagram model wear it and maybe it will make me feel good? You might not even be lonely! You could literally be tricked into fee…. Ok! Enough of the rabbit hole… lol.


The design is a human being inside of a piece of Amber. If we were to ever go extinct…2020 would probably be a landmark date when the robots tell our story…to other…like robots…even though…the robots would already know all this…because they are robots…



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