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Grape Ribena

Grape Ribena


Words from our Creative Director:


"A Simpler Time! I remember almost getting kicked out of school for buying those mini Ribenas at a market & selling them at school. To get out of it, I presented a case for The Entrepreneur Spirit. Yea....they made me stop but I did get to sell a couple to my Spanish teacher on a day she was parched. Little victories! " 


Creative Director

Shek Tarawallie



  • (300 gm) 80% cotton/20% polyester blend
  • Ring-spun cotton 100% cotton 
  • Standard fit
  • This is piece is NOT altered
  • Embroidery Finish

Designed by Shek Tarawallie.


Washing instructions:

Cold Wash

Low Heat Dry


Shipping Details:

Please allow 7-10 business days to ship

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