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“I have never made a polo before so I just felt during the design process “Where do I want to see people wearing this?” I have to see you on a boat with your friends or the woman, you love…doing whatever it is you want regardless of what your vice is. Or…on a tennis court….or on a golf course…just looking like a Ralph Lauren ad with a cigar in your mouth and champagne. I don’t know. I just want there to be sun…and laughter. There is also a hidden message within the print. What the “Ornament”  pattern really says is “Swavor is the fucking greatest brand of all time. If you don’t know that then you are an idiot. If you do know that…then God will continue to  bless you.” I’m serious…Some times you have to hide your feelings ya know?”


- Shek Tarawallie


100% Dry Fit

Cold Wash

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