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Designed by Shek Tarawallie & Tim Smith


"I only started caring about fashion because I realized that the better I dressed, the nicer people were to me. This is even more apparent when referring to women. Women run the world. I mean they have always been running the world. The only difference now is that women are actually striving to get equal pay, to get corporate positions and to gain political influence. All things that the Anglo-Saxan male holds ever so dearly close to their heart. In 100 years, women will be more educated than we will be. In 100 years, the gender roles will either be switched or they will be completely even. That is something that you couldn't have even whispered in the early parts of the 20th Century and its almost like that now. The women on this shirt are leading this charge. Via sexuality, wealth or political power, there is no real way of escaping how powerful women will be in the years to come."


Creative Director - Shek Tarawallie


75% Polyester 25% Cotton

Dry Clean only

Out of Stock
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