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Designed by Shek Tarawallie & Tim Smith


"I went to high school in London during the genesis of the new crime wave. When I lived in Battersea, it was all around us and you really couldn't escape it. With that being said, London's street camera system, 'CCTV' , basically covers every square foot of London. Its like literally living in a Big Brother type of atmosphere. Everything you do can be accounted for or tracked. Where is the freedom in that? I understand the crime is on the rise, but there has to be a better way than literally just stalking civilians. I am aware that there isn't anything I can do about this. But just like I told Tim, "If they are going to watch us, we are going to make a shirt that watches them right back."


Creative Director - Shek Tarawallie 


75% Polyester 25% Cotton

Dry Clean

Out of Stock
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