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Extendo I

Extendo I


Words from our Creative Director:



"EXTENDO! Built to last. Built to hide a stash (jk). But in reality, this is a piece I have always wanted to make. The left panel is riddled with Roerich Treaty Symbol, the left sleeve offsetting the right sleeve, and it feels light and agile."


Meaning of the Roerich Peace Symbol:

"Later it was the devastations of the First World War and the Russian revolution that spurred his own efforts. He (Roerich) came to realize that the cultural heritage of each nation is in essence a world treasure. And his idea of cultural heritage broadened to include more than just the physical remains of earlier cultures—the buildings and art, for example—but also the creative activities, the universities, the libraries, the hospitals, the concert halls, and theaters. All must be protected from the ravages of war and neglect, for without them life would be nothing but a rude and ignorant time on earth."



  • Soft Shell, Trench Jacket
  • Water Resistent
  • Full Printed inner lining.
  • True to Size

Designed by Shek Tarawallie.


Washing instructions:

Cold Wash

Low Heat Dry


Shipping Details:

Please allow 7-10 business days to ship

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