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'Dawn' by Sheku Tarawallie

'Dawn' by Sheku Tarawallie




"I think for as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to do a capsule collection. Swavor is mostly associated with these vast bodies of work....typically 25-30 pieces every single drop. It can be very tiresome & at times I think the vision of what is trying to be accomplished can get lost. With Dusk & Dawn it really felt like the first time in a long time that we locked in on an idea and stayed disciplined within that construct. The artwork itself is directly inspired by a trip my friends & I took to Cabo. The place where we stayed was a remarkable home on top of a hill. The views were breathtaking. I would up early enough to see the sunrise...& I would always make sure I did my best to catch the sunset. 


In this life, it always feels like moments are fleeting. Everything on our timelines is moving at such a fast is hard to digest it all. With these pieces, I attempted to offer you all a time stamp of one of my best memories. I hope that you take these pieces & create amazing memories of your own."


Creative Director

Sheku Tarawallie 






  • Details & Care

    Details & Specs

    - "Dusk & Dawn" have a slightly wide-cut while still remaining true to - size.

    - The fabric 100% breathable, faux Silk allowing body heat escape & thus helping you cool down. 

    - Due to the fabric, the colorways for "Dusk & Dawn" alter based on light reflection.

    - This is purposefully done to encompass the full scope of the artwork.


    D R Y    C L E A N   O N L Y


    Please allow 5 - 10 business days to ship 

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