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" There was a time when I was embarrassed to be African. Part of me has never truly forgiven myself for it. In these design sessions, Tim & I rendered this 100 times. I had no idea that Sierra Leoneans would resonate with this jersey the way they did & to put on for my country with the first Sierra Leonean I met in fashion, is special to me. So thank you my brother, the icon Rodney Sawyer. Our plans for the future are legendary. 


In addition to that, my life’s mission is to help bring prosperity to my families country. We’ve been the poorest country on lists for years. I’ve heard the story of my grandparents dying in the hands of a brutal civil war. I’ve heard rappers mention SL for its diamonds but never dig deeper to understand what it took for them to floss. 


Ironically, I’m not bitter at all. Not one bit. I understand that the wars we fight as people are beyond our control. Freetown, Sierra Leone is the first city in Africa founded by African Americans. How they obtained it was not ideal...however if you ever wanted a country to rep in Africa, Salone welcomes you. The journey will be long & we need all the help we can get. 


And to my people... we dey. Trust me. They tried but they couldn’t finish us. To the younger generation I think it is our duty to figure out a way that we can help raise the consciousness of your country. We have to be the change we want to see or things will never change. I’m a designer. This was my way. I hope this inspires you to find yours"


 - s.t 


Happy Independence Day SL.


This jersey is dedicated to my family

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  • Sizing / Pre-Order Ship Dates / etc

    These jerseys are a slim fit. It is encouraged to possibly go one size up. (Small go up to Medium etc.)


    The jerseys will ship out globally around June 13th. 


    100 % Polyester.

    Cold Wash

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