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Rorschach (Black)

Rorschach (Black)




"While it is easy to assume that design was always my passion, it wasn't. In fact at a very young age I decided that I was going to be a psychologist. The truth is, I have never taken a design class in my life. Not one. Not ever. Everything I ever learned was off of Youtube. I probably would have been a psychologist if clothing didn't shift my focus. Nonetheless, in my senior year of undergrad, my professor began to speak on how psychology and art therapy etc. Of course Hermann Rorschach came up in the discussion.Herman Rorschach was a Swiss psychologist in the early 20th century. This isn't the part where I give an entire bio about the man. But he is very famous for is inkblots in sessions. He believed that whatever you see in these blots could possibly reveal things about you. Seems like a stretch and he has been widely criticized for his contribution to psychology. Regardless, I found this concept interesting. This is piece is a dedication to my initial passion: psychology. Given the times we are in, mental health is becoming more and more of a real issue. So to all my liberal arts or psych majors in college right now, hang on. The world needs you.


Creative Director, Shek Tarawallie

100% Poly-Dri Fit

Cold Wash


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    100% Water-Proof jacket.
    Cold wash , air dry.

    Please allow 10 business days to ship.
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