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4 dA p30pl3 wh0 c4n r34d Diz….

4 dA p30pl3 wh0 c4n r34d Diz….


“Aye man the 2000s are back! So if you are a young bull and don’t understand what is happening….we used to type like dis 4 sum reaz0n. Diz t33 shirt f33lz liik a t0p 8 on mysp4c3. This tee feels like having a bad day at school and coming home to change your song. This tee feels like Chris Brown before the Tatts. This tee will make you realized that Lil Wayne loafed on not trademarking the word “Bling”. This tee might give you superpowers. This tee is underneath the girl rocking the Baby Phat jacket. This tee feels like standing in line to get an airbrushed tee shirt. BRO THIS tee will have you in a photobooth at the mall with ya baby hairs all out. This tee feel better than when Footlocker had the 5 for $20 and you got a different color to match every fit you got for every sneaker you got in ya closet. Man this tee feel like you might Nextel chirp somebody. This tee feel like when I had too many red and white tees and washed them together so I could make a pink tee and be like Cam & Dipset. This tee belongs in Fast & the Furious 1! Man this tee….. (the fading of a Shek rant….) 


End Scene.


I do know I am saying tee this whole time in this scene…but its so funny I couldn’t replace it with shorts LOL.

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